Double Bathroom Vanities

Double bathroom vanities offer two sinks, making it easier for couples or families that share a bathroom to get ready at the same time. Double vanities typically offer lots of storage, a must for active bathrooms that are used by more than one person. A double sink bathroom vanity provides all the space you need to get ready together. It’s a great addition to a shared bathroom. Double vanities come in a range of sizes, but they require a larger area than you’ll need for a single sink vanity. You can also choose between free-standing or wall mount models with closed cabinets or open bottom designs. Most double vanities come with countertops and sinks and are pre-drilled for the faucets, which are sold separately. The best double sink bathroom vanity for most people is a traditional style that can work in many bathrooms. A modern, wall-hung, floating double vanity can be the centerpiece of any contemporary bathroom. A double sink bathroom vanity also offers drawers for storage and a hidden space for sink’s plumbing. Many double vanities have closed cabinets for storage. A double vanity with open bottom with shelves can have a lighter, brighter feel that works especially well in smaller spaces. A double vanity with a large open bottom with shelf is a great choice if you don’t have that much stuff. Choose a color and style that you love to match your existing bathroom.