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You should start with planning design you like roughly and specify your budget. After this process; the time for demolition, plumbing and electrical rough-in. You might keep going with painting walls, installing tile, shower door or tub, lights and fun. According to all these combinations, pick your vanity and sink, then you can make the final touch with toilet and accessories. Check out "Step by Step Guide: Bathroom Renovation," on our blog, here.
If you can't find the bathroom vanity style you want, you can try to make your own! However leaving it to professionals without spending unnecessary money is the best option for your happiness with the result. Let’s customize your bathroom.  
The mirror should measure a few inches less than the sink area. For instance, if you've chosen a 36" single sink vanity, you will select a framed mirror that's width doesn't exceed 36 inches. When you prefer double vanity, using two mirrors offer easier usage and also make your bathroom feel larger.
Solid hardwood is the most durable wood material and made from woods like oak, cherry and maple however it has the tendency to shrink and expand as humidity changes.
Solid wood, plywood and MDF are popular choices for bathroom cabinets. These are extremely durable, waterproof and offer a great look and feel as well. To learn more about the different materials, check out our blog post, "Popular Materials for Bathroom Cabinets and Why They Matter, " here. 
MDF cabinets don't expand and contract as much as real wood, so they can be used in the bathroom without needing any maintenance.
A light color on cabinets make your bathroom feel larger. In case your bathroom has one or more walls with dark texture, lighter cabinets would create a beautiful contrast.
Keeping the floor tiles darker than the walls and ceiling gives more fresh and sleek look to your bathroom as a rule.   If you're in the market for bathroom floor tiles, check out our blog post, "Types of Floor That Are Best for Your Bathroom," here.
Brass finishes, deep soaking tubs, integrated lightings, framed mirrors and natural wood cabinet bases are getting trendy nowadays.
While traditional vanity heights range around 36 inches up from the floor, the wall mount vanities can be hung at desired height; approximately between 30 to 36 inches height.
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