Design Ideas for Grey Vanities and Bathrooms

Grey is a popular color for any room in the house right now, and it works particularly well in the bathroom. It’s a neutral color that goes well with bold colors, wood accents, or dramatic stainless-steel accessories. Here are some of our favorite design ideas that feature grey vanities and bathrooms.   Grey Vanities Grey vanities are a great addition to your bathroom. They add a bit of soft sophistication and it’s much easier to keep them clean than a white vanity. And because grey is a great neutral color, you can paint your walls a bright or vibrant hue – from...

Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen

We previously talked about how you can maximize space in your small bathroom, so it’s only fair to give the kitchen the same treatment. Especially since kitchen activities tend to take up more space than most bathroom activities. Here are some of our favorite tips for maximizing space in a small kitchen.   Take Advantage of Blind Corner Cabinets & Rollouts Many kitchens have cabinets that meet in a corner, creating a potential for lots of wasted space. In that hard-to-reach corner, you can add a lazy susan, or take advantage of creative blind corner storage racks that you can put on...

7 Reasons to Consider a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

You know the look you want for your new or remodeled bathroom. You know the feeling you want (happy, calming, pampered) and you picked out the perfect color to bring that out in your space (yellows, blues, or grays). And now you are choosing the big pieces that will pull your look together, including your vanity. Vanities come in tons of styles, colors, shapes, and more. So let’s talk about why you should consider a wall mounted bathroom vanity.   A Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Makes the Space Look Bigger Because you aren’t taking up floor space, adding a wall mounted bathroom...

Great Rental Remodeling Tips

36% of the United States’ nearly 123 million households are rentals. And most rental units are owned by local or regional individuals, which means if you have a rental business, you likely need to fix and remodel quickly to keep your few renters happy and keep your units appealing to future tenants. And because of this, we wanted to share some rental remodeling tips for kitchens and bathrooms.   Rental Kitchen Your rental kitchen is one of the places you really want to wow renters and potential tenants. Leaky faucets are a common and easily remedied problem in rental properties. Replacing the...

Ways to Maximize Counter Space in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are always near the top of “things to look for when house-hunting” lists, and storage is usually right below that. So let’s take a look at some smart ways to maximize counter space in your kitchen and bathroom.   Moveable Storage There are always areas in your kitchen that would work better if you could convert them when the occasion called for it. Your kitchen needs are different on a regular Tuesday night, for example, from those needs during the holidays. Even if you aren’t hosting your family and friends, you are often buying, storing, and preparing foods outside...

Resale Remodel: Bathroom Edition

“The kitchen and bathroom sell a house,” according to this HGTV article. Looking to resell your house? Kitchen and bathroom remodels can both increase the value of the home and increase your chances with potential buyers. Resale remodels are a bit different than remodeling for personal preference, though. Let’s go through some great tips for remodeling your bathroom for resale.   Universal Design According to Liberty Hardware, remodeling your bathroom with a universal design can give you upwards of a 70.6% return. When you remodel your bathroom for resale, think about accessibility. If able-bodied individuals have a tough time navigating the bathroom,...

Resale Remodel: Kitchen Edition

“The kitchen and bathroom sell a house,” according to this HGTV article.  The current housing market is favoring sellers, are you ready to jump in on the action? If you are looking to remodel your kitchen for resale, we have some helpful tips for you as you get started.   Layer Your Lighting The kitchen is a space that needs intelligent lighting, arguably more than any other room in the house. While putting in bright and stunning single fixtures to light the entire kitchen may be cost-effective, it won’t impress buyers.   You can still include a statement fixture that is large and placed...

4 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Home renovations often evoke a sense of excitement and endless possibility at first, but that changes when you start thinking about layouts and color schemes and appliances and décor. It’s easy to get caught up in imagining the final look of the remodel that we make mistakes. Here are some common bathroom design mistakes.   Ill-Fitting Fixtures Vanities, tubs, faucets – all these things come in different styles and sizes. One of the first mistakes renovators make is over- or underestimating the size of their desired bathroom fixtures.   The first step in making sure you don’t make this mistake is to think not...

Kitchen Design Trends to Avoid

We’ve already talked about common kitchen design mistakes. There are tons of fun kitchen trends that look amazing when they’re first completed, but cause a host of problems later. If you are a fan of frequent redesigns and redecorating, having trendy elements in your kitchen is a great way to give a fresh look to your room. But if that’s not your cup of tea, here are some kitchen design trends to avoid.   Pot Racks Having large pot racks hanging from the ceiling may feel like you’re giving off vibes that say, “I’m a master chef,” but it also is a...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Aren’t a Waste of Money

There are tons of “experts” out there who are telling you what the newest trends in kitchen remodeling are. And while you’re remodeling, it’s also important to think about whether you plan to live in the house or sell it in the next few years. The current housing market is going through a lot of turbulence, and some trends may be better suited for a house that will be for sale in the next few months or years.   But how do you know which ones are actually worth the time and money? Let’s talk about it.   Flooring Trends Some of the most...

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