Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Is a Double Vanity Worth It ?

Modern and transitional wall mounts or freestanding styles of double vanities add an extra level of sophistication to your bathroom. If you're considering outfitting your space with double vanity, here are a few things to keep in mind.   First, you'll need more space. A double vanity requires a larger area than a single sink vanity. Make sure you have enough room before making any final decisions.   Second, you'll want to decide between closed cabinets or open bottom designs. Both have their pros and cons, so it's important to choose what fits your needs best.   Third, modern and transitional wall mount models offer...

Tips for Remodeling a Tiny Kitchen or Bathroom

Remodeling is a big undertaking, no matter what size space you’re working with. And though it takes more materials and time to remodel a large kitchen or bathroom, it’s harder to get a smaller space to do everything you need it to do. That’s why the experts at Anve Kitchen & Bath wanted to share some tips for remodeling a tiny kitchen or bathroom.   Whether you are planning to remodel a house or apartment to rent out, or for you and your family to enjoy, these tips will help you make the most of the space you have.   Tips for Tiny...

Resale Remodel: Bathroom Edition

“The kitchen and bathroom sell a house,” according to this HGTV article. Looking to resell your house? Kitchen and bathroom remodels can both increase the value of the home and increase your chances with potential buyers. Resale remodels are a bit different than remodeling for personal preference, though. Let’s go through some great tips for remodeling your bathroom for resale.   Universal Design According to Liberty Hardware, remodeling your bathroom with a universal design can give you upwards of a 70.6% return. When you remodel your bathroom for resale, think about accessibility. If able-bodied individuals have a tough time navigating the bathroom,...

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Lighting

Much like kitchen lighting is important both for the function and the ambiance of the space, bathroom lighting is similarly important. In other rooms in your house, a single lamp or overhead fixture can provide the lighting and mood you need. But for your bathroom, these typically smaller spaces need a lot more light to get the job done.   Set Lighting Goals Your number one priority should be creating lighting that works for you and supports all your bathroom functions: showering, putting on and taking off makeup, grooming, and personal hygiene.   Bathroom lighting needs to be done using a safe layout that...

Clever Bathroom Organization Hacks

Small and strangely-shaped bathrooms are common. And that means lots of opportunities for creative storage solutions. Here are some clever bathroom organization hacks for you.     Recessed Shelves The space between wall studs can be a perfect opportunity for some recessed shelves or cupboards. This creative storage option will fit perfectly in any bathroom because medicine cabinets and shallow mirrors with shelving are commonplace in bathrooms.   This is an easy way to maximize storage without taking up much space.   Floating Shelves There are tons of great floating shelf options that can really open up a space and enhance bathroom organization. If you have limited space,...

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is important for a number of reasons. A bathroom is a place that needs to be well-lit due to its many uses. It also needs to fit into the theme or style present in the rest of your bathroom. Here are some tips for choosing bathroom lighting.   Focus on Light Saturation Since bathrooms are used for a variety of purposes, some of which are painstakingly detail-oriented, light distribution is more important here than in other rooms of your house. We’ve all dealt with the frustration of inadequate bathroom lighting when it comes to putting on makeup, shaving, and other...

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