Design Tips

Design Tips

10 of the Most Overrated Kitchen & Bathroom Features

There are tons of trending DIY home projects floating around on your Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok pages. Whether you are debating trying one of these fun and eccentric projects in your own space, or you’re just looking to avoid trends that will be out of style by this time next year, we wanted to talk about some of the most overrated kitchen and bathroom features.   Here are our top picks.   Most Overrated Kitchen Features According to Domino, there was one kitchen trend that has been dubbed the worst kitchen trend of the past 50 years, and that is tile countertops. And though...

Design Ideas for Grey Vanities and Bathrooms

Grey is a popular color for any room in the house right now, and it works particularly well in the bathroom. It’s a neutral color that goes well with bold colors, wood accents, or dramatic stainless-steel accessories. Here are some of our favorite design ideas that feature grey vanities and bathrooms.   Grey Vanities Grey vanities are a great addition to your bathroom. They add a bit of soft sophistication and it’s much easier to keep them clean than a white vanity. And because grey is a great neutral color, you can paint your walls a bright or vibrant hue – from...

Great Rental Remodeling Tips

36% of the United States’ nearly 123 million households are rentals. And most rental units are owned by local or regional individuals, which means if you have a rental business, you likely need to fix and remodel quickly to keep your few renters happy and keep your units appealing to future tenants. And because of this, we wanted to share some rental remodeling tips for kitchens and bathrooms.   Rental Kitchen Your rental kitchen is one of the places you really want to wow renters and potential tenants. Leaky faucets are a common and easily remedied problem in rental properties. Replacing the...

Ways to Maximize Counter Space in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are always near the top of “things to look for when house-hunting” lists, and storage is usually right below that. So let’s take a look at some smart ways to maximize counter space in your kitchen and bathroom.   Moveable Storage There are always areas in your kitchen that would work better if you could convert them when the occasion called for it. Your kitchen needs are different on a regular Tuesday night, for example, from those needs during the holidays. Even if you aren’t hosting your family and friends, you are often buying, storing, and preparing foods outside...

4 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Home renovations often evoke a sense of excitement and endless possibility at first, but that changes when you start thinking about layouts and color schemes and appliances and décor. It’s easy to get caught up in imagining the final look of the remodel that we make mistakes. Here are some common bathroom design mistakes.   Ill-Fitting Fixtures Vanities, tubs, faucets – all these things come in different styles and sizes. One of the first mistakes renovators make is over- or underestimating the size of their desired bathroom fixtures.   The first step in making sure you don’t make this mistake is to think not...

5 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Designing or redesigning any room in your house is a chore, but kitchens have an extra challenge because of their nature as a multi-purpose space. Certain design elements (and flaws) are more noticeable in the kitchen. Here are 5 common kitchen design mistakes to avoid making when designing or remodeling.   Layout & Flow Issues The layout of your kitchen directly affects the function and flow of the space.   Have you ever been in a kitchen with a bad layout? Some tell-tale signs include searching for and failing to find outlets where you need them, appliance crowding (e.g. refrigerator is too close to...

Real Design & Renovation Tips for Your Dream Kitchen

Spending hours on Pinterest or a DIY home or room designing app, but not sure how to actually start working on bringing your dream kitchen to life? Check out these tips for designing and renovating your dream kitchen.   Put Yourself First – Design for You It’s easy to be talked out of your vision by the experts. But while the experts know what most people want, they don’t know what you want until you tell them. And you can’t tell them if you don’t think about it for yourself!   Take some time to brainstorm – and not just the color scheme. Do...

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